sunrays through woodsVichara is a practice of guided self-inquiry that unwinds the tangles and tensions in your mind similarly to the way Svaroopa® Yoga releases tension in your body. Your mind is a cross-connected network of thought patterns. Every thought you have tends to run along in one or more of these patterns.

Have you ever found yourself having the same thought over and over again? That's a pattern. Yoga doesn't judge these patterns as good or bad, but until you become aware of them, these networks create a complex knot of mental tension. This mental tension has an effect on your body, and until you also work with your mind, your body will eventually stop opening, no matter how many yoga poses you do.

Your vichara session lasts one hour. You can come here to Mountain Yoga to do it in person, or your session can even be done over the phone! The fee for one session is $70; 5 sessions (recommended) prepaid for $300; 10 sessions: $500.
Call 773-5045 to schedule.

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