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Be Here Now

Ram Das wrote a book called Be Here Now. I never read it. The title alone is so complete, I can’t imagine any more being necessary. “Be here now” is one of those wonderfully simple and difficult practices that yield great results, even when practiced imperfectly.

One way to practice is to understand that NOW is the only moment there is. The past and
the future exist only as memories or ideas, which means they do not really exist at all; we make them up!

It’s been difficult for me to accept that there is only one moment. When I look at my daybook filled with appointments, it is obvious to me that there are many moments, although maybe not enough of them. Yet when I become fully absorbed in the present moment, when I am here now, I begin to experience this one and only moment expanding and folding in on itself like surf. The tea I
am drinking contains the results of the water I boiled earlier mixing with the herbs grown by someone in China months ago. My body will absorb some of the nutrients and excrete the rest later. In this one tea-drinking moment lies the potential to experience the fruits and the seeds of every other moment.

I’m writing this comment in November. You’ll be reading it in January, or possibly as late as May. So am I writing this in the past, right now? Or are you reading it in the future, right now? Actually, the moment I’m writing and the moment you’re reading are the exact same moment, which is NOW. The only moment there is. Be here now. If you’re not, who is? And where are you?

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