Mountain Yoga


Instruction begins on time, so please arrive 5-10 minutes early to settle in for your class.

Mountain Yoga will be closed Sept 4-12 & 27-29, Oct 5-18, Nov 20-26,
Dec 21-Jan 7.


Special Classes!

Panchakoshayoga - Whole Yoga
Thurs, 9/21, 5-8pm.
UN Day of Peace!

Half-Day Workshop:
Mind-Belly Connection
Saturday, Oct. 28, 9am-noon

Beginners Series
Thursdays, Oct. 19-Nov 16, 5-6:30pm

Scroll down or click HERE for details on classes and workshops.

Margery is available for private sessions Monday-Friday by appointment. Call (802)775-1795

Afternoon & Evening

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Themes for fall

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no class
10/10 & 17, 11/21, 12/26, 1/2

Heartfulness Meditation
5:30 doors open
6:00 meditation begins


no class 9/27,
10/11 & 18, 11/22, 12/27, 1/3

no class
10/9 & 16, 11/20, 12/25, 1/1


no class 9/27,
10/11 & 18, 11/22, 12/27, 1/3

Schedule subject to change. Check back for updates!
RegReq means registration required, so please call. The Gentle Class is for people who need extra time or attention. Call for details.

Open Classes are suitable for all, including beginners.

Private Instruction and Yoga Therapy available Monday-Friday
by appointment.
To schedule private sessions, call Margery at (802)775-1795

New Students:
Your first class is FREE!
Margery closed Mountain Yoga as a business Dec. 31, 2015. Her students joined together to rent the room for a year. To see how you can contribute financially for classes,
click here.

Private Sessions
Call Margery at 802-775-1795 to schedule your sessions.

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Private instruction for pregnant women is available by appointment.

Svaroopa®Yoga Themes
Foundations: Daily Practice
In Foundations, you learn poses essential to an effective, efficient daily practice.

It all begins at the tailbone!
Lower Spinal Release

The release of the tailbone affects the entire physical body and the subtle body.

Know Your Core:
Upper Spinal Release

Release your upper spine to help lower spinal releases radiate throughout your body.

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Energize! Abdominals
When you release the tension in your spine, your abdominals become strong and resilient automatically.

Fountain of Youth: Backbends
Backbends counteract the compression created by driving, aging, worrying and hurrying!

Redefining Strength: Standing
Learn to live in openness!

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Serenity: Forward Bends
Forward bends draw your awareness inward to the unchanging stillness at your core.
Preparation: 3 months' Svaroopa® Yoga practice

Clarity: Neck & Shoulders

Reduce mental fatigue and increase mental clarity.
Preparation: 3 months' Svaroopa® Yoga practice

Stamina and Steadiness: Balance and Inversions
Physical balance brings emotional balance and steadiness of mind. Inversions help you see things from a different point of view!
Preparation: 3 months' Svaroopa® Yoga practice

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Svaroopa®Yoga's approach to some of the yoga poses you see in magazines, or may have done in other yoga classes. Experience the difference!
Preparation: 6 months' Svaroopa® Yoga practice

Vinayasa is a Sanskrit word that refers to a series of poses always done in the same sequence. This theme presents one or two such series you can practice at home.
Preparation: 6 months' Svaroopa® Yoga practice

The Bliss of Stillness: Seated Poses and Twists
The purpose of hatha yoga is to prepare you to sit comfortably in meditation. This final theme allows you to experience a still body and a quiet mind.
Preparation: 6 months' Svaroopa® Yoga practice

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Your first class at Mountain Yoga is always free, so please come to an open class and experience the difference!

Current Classes:

Open Classes

Open Classes are suitable for new and experienced students. Drop ins are welcome. Members have unlimited classes; others pay by donation (suggested $12-20).

5:00-6:30pm, 9/18-1/29
No class 10/9 & 16, 11/20, 12/25, 1/1.

3:30-5pm, 9/19-1/30
No class 10/10 & 17, 11/21, 12/26, 1/2.

Heartfulness Meditation: 5:30- doors open. Silence usually begins around 5:50. 6:00pm Meditation begins. If you are new to meditation or to this style, call Margery (802)775-1795.

Gentle 3:00-4:30pm, 9/13-1/31
Open 5:00-6:30pm, 9/13-1/31
No class 9/27, 10/11 & 18, 11/22, 12/27, 1/3.

Svaroopa® yoga is very beneficial for back pain sufferers. Ask Margery if these classes will be right for you. And remember, your first class is free!

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Special Events
Introduction to Svaroopa Yoga: Core Opening
Thursdays, 5:00-6:30pm, 10/19-11/16
Suggested donation for series: $50-70

This five-week series is a focused introduction designed for people new to Svaroopa® yoga, new to yoga, or just curious about this unique approach to yoga practice.

Svaroopa® yoga is a very "user-friendly" style, so students can begin taking classes any time they are ready. Even without any background, a new student can experience the release of spinal tension this style of yoga is famous for.

However, because we work with the body so differently, it can take some time to feel confident and comfortable in the practice - to feel "at home." In this class, we will take time to stop more often to explain the purpose behind the process. All students acquire this information over time in the regular classes, but in this 6-week series, you will set that foundation directly. This provides a context for what you experience in class and for what you practice at home.

This course may be taken independently or in conjunction with another weekly class. The suggested fee for the series is $70.

Whole Yoga
Thursday, Sept 21, 5-8 pm United Nations Peace Day!

To live fully in the multi-dimensionality of your existence, you must nourish and strengthen all aspects of your being. In these special classes, we will have time to experience practices that do just that.

Each class will be three hours long and will include practices for all 5 "koshas" or layers of your being. Although all the practices reach all five layers, each one focuses primarily on one or two: pranayama (primarily for the vital energy body), asana (for the physical body), meditation (for the wisdom body), journaling, contemplation and discussion (for the mental body).

Please bring a brown bag (vegetarian) dinner for yourself (for the physical body!). Hot water and herbal tea will be provided.

Free to members. Otherwise, suggested contribution: $24-35.
Register in class or contact Margery
(802)775-1795 or mountain yoga vt at gmail dot com

Mind-Belly Connection
Half-Day Workshop
Saturday, October 28, 9AM-Noon

Svaroopa yoga practices that specifically benefit your digestion also specifically quiet your mind! Come discover your belly-mind connection!

Free to members, otherwise, suggested contribution: $24-35.
Register in class or contact Margery
(802)775-1795 or mountain yoga vt at gmail dot com

Body Thrive Book Club
Meets in person or on phone
Thursdays, 5:30-7:30pm

We will meet to share and discuss our experience with 10 Ayurvedic daily self-care habits as explained by Cate Stillman in her book Body Thrive. Each week, we will experiment implementing one habit in our daily lives. The intention is not to master each habit, but to become acquainted with each one and begin to incorporate aspects of them as best suits our current circumstances and abilities.
Those who register for the book club will receive an email each week with a short video of Cate talking about the habit or about the process of incorporating new habits in general.

Those who cannot be "in the room" can participate via phone conference. Details will be provided once you sign up. There is no cost for the club, but you will need to buy the book and to register with Yoga Healer (Cate Stillman's company) and with Margery at 802-775-1795 or by email.

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Margery is available for private sessions
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.

Call 773-5045 to schedule an appointment.