Mountain Yoga

Mountain Yoga is Rutland’s complete Svaroopa® Yoga resource for instruction and yoga therapy owned and operated by an experienced, certified yoga professional.

Mountain Yoga is conveniently located in the North Main Professional Park on the corner of North Main Street and Melrose Avenue. There is ample parking in the back, and wheelchair access in the front.

Yoga can be done anywhere, but one derives more from the practice, and learning is enhanced when the space is clean, warm, quiet and furnished with enough props to make everyone’s body feel good in the poses. Mountain Yoga is uniquely and beautifully appointed for the practice of yoga, meditation, and yoga therapy; it is the only space in the Rutland area dedicated solely to the practice of yoga. People who enter the room can feel the accumulated impressions of all the people who over the years have opened into the peace and deep relaxation of Svaroopa® Yoga.

What to Wear
Wear loose, comfortable clothing, and please, no perfume, aftershave or scented lotions! Instruction begins on time, so please arrive a few minutes early to give yourself time to settle in.


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