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Commonly Asked Questions About Yoga
“What is Hatha Yoga?”
Hatha yoga is what we westerners think of when we think of yoga. It is the path of yoga that uses the body as a doorway to Self-realization. It has the benefit of creating a healthier body, even if one chooses not to go into the deeper practices.

Other paths or styles of yoga include Karma yoga, which is the practice of selfless service; Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion to God or to Guru; Jnana yoga, the yoga of knowledge, or study of the scriptures and philosophical commentaries.
“What style of yoga do you teach?”
Hatha yoga has been studied and taught for thousands of years. Each teacher and student brings his or her own experience to the development of this practice, and there are some yoga masters who have gained great depth of understanding in the practices. These masters in turn have taught others to teach according to their understanding. In the past, the style I taught was the result of my experience with various schools or styles which include Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Kripalu yoga as developed by Yogi Desai, Iyengar yoga (B.K.S. Iyengar), and Bikram’s (Bikram Choudury). Each style contributed to my understanding of yoga, the body, the mind and the spirit. Kripalu Yoga and Svaroopa® Yoga, as taught by Rama Berch, brought me closest to the experience of the essence of yoga, which is why I studied to become certified to teach those styles. Svaroopa® Yoga, I soon came to realize, was simple, profound, and reliably gave my students access to all that yoga has to offer. For this reason, I now teach only Svaroopa® Yoga.
“Is yoga a religion?”
No, it’s not. I consider it a spiritual practice. You may choose to practice the postures and breathing techniques as a physical therapy for your body, or as a way to gain greater mental clarity or peace of mind. Its principles are basic and universal, and are not in conflict with the essence of religious traditions. It can be practiced at whatever level you choose that benefits you most.

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