Mountain Yoga

Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy
This one-on-one session of yoga is custom designed for you. Your yoga therapist, who is trained to work deeply and specifically with individuals, supports you in carefully selected Svaroopa® Yoga poses which promote healing, while you relax into a peaceful state of mind. Specialized adjustments are applied, similar to what you experience in a Svaroopa® class. Yet in a private session, your Yoga Therapist is able to focus on you for the entire time, providing more adjustments and support than are possible in the class setting. The pace is slow, and deeply relaxing. Clients experience deeper changes sooner than when they take only classes, and find that those changes, supported by home practice, last longer.

Elements of Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy
• Begin at the tailbone
• Opening your body also opens up consciousness
• It doesn’t have to hurt, and it isn’t hard
• Transformation can be jump-started by working with your body
• Your healing process is more than merely physical
• You already know all the answers, but may need help accessing them
• All transformation shows up in your life and relationships, as well as in your body and mind
• It can be faster than you ever imagined.

Fees: Single session: $70
Series of 5 prepaid: $300
Series of 10 prepaid: $500

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